There is a lot of talk about How the GPS tracking system works. While it is good to know it is equally important to understand that none of the GPS tracking solutions providers have a real great control over the satellites that provide the tracking coverage. The reason being that, the over 20 odd satellites that provide the tracking information are US government owned.

If that is the case, then what’s the use of making an effort about selecting the right solution provider?

It is indeed an important question to ponder about. How do GPS solution providers help bring the solution to you and what is the correct mix? The solution providers package it with two important parts of the solution.

The GPS devices and

The software that help you track

The GPS devices are procured from various manufacturers mostly in China. However the software that you as a user are expected to use (online) is the key to accurate tracking. The stability of the solution is also very important. Remember you are monitoring or tracking remotely and hence it is important to ensure your solution provider has some back ground of remote management along with Information Technology or as we call as software development.

OGTS, brings this pack of expertise for your convenience. With over 15 years of experience in remote management, OGTS not just knows how to manage remotely, but they also know how to stabilize operations for 100% up time, which is very critical in tracking activity.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on GPS tracking. We will in the coming few months keep you engaged with some good findings and how you could benefit out of these solutions.