Satyamev Jayate, probably one the most intrinsic view of our society has come up at a time, when our country needed to take deep dive into itself and do a post Morten about what we as a society stand for.
  • Are the issues raised by Aamir Khan in this platform, larger issues plaguing our society?
  • Are these issues restricted to our country alone?
  • Are we as humans responsible to find solutions?
  • Are we supposed to depend on the government all the time to solve our security concerns all the time?

There can be many more questions as we keep thinking of them? Trying to find answers could only be a futile attempt. Aamir’s topics have been extremely sensitive. Change has to begin with a single step and probably change has to start with you as an individual.

Yes, the issues being discussed on Satyamev Jayate are absolutely larger issues that have been plaguing our society for long now. There is a general wave of change and change is coming in the form of youth taking more important decisions. These decisions might not see results immediately but we as part of the society need to take that first step.

I strongly feel, the first step needs to be taken by you. You need to be aware of several means of securing your self, when

you are in trouble. One of the methods that we are comfortable in suggesting, is the use of GPS solutions. Women find it difficult to travel alone in public transport systems. It’s difficult for them to walk around alone. There are many uncomfortable situations that one might come across. It might be in an educational institute, office or even at home.

GPS products from OGTS help address the primary safety and security concerns. We have founded on the pretext of reliable services that ensure you are never far away from your dear ones’ who would vouch for your safety anytime.Help us to help you better, open a conversation and let’s discuss how these GPS services could help you secure yourself.

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Disclaimer: We are not trying to associate ourselves with Satyamev Jayate or Aamir Khan, but as responsible citizens are raising a genuine concern and would like everyone to know about one of the ways you can gain safety.